How to generate voiceover for Instagram Reels?

Ananay Batra

Ananay Batra

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Looking to generate high-quality voice over audio for your Instagram Reels? Try Listnr's text to speech today and make a viral reel.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms providing not just entertainment but business to many small businesses as well. Starting as merely a photo-sharing app, Instagram continues to change its features as time passes by where you cannot just share photos but also buy, sell and most importantly, be famous.

You all might be familiar with the concept of reels and how they gained popularity before the lockdown. To encourage people to use their feature, Instagram originally stated how it’s no longer a photo-centric app and is going to focus more on the reels which gained immense popularity and hype with the introduction of the feature.

While browsing through Instagram reels, you might remember stumbling upon some videos with AI Text-to-Speech and not just one but atleast 2 different voices with different accents and consistency.

Let’s learn more about how you can generate voiceover for your Instagram reels and what effects voiceover has on the users.

How is Voiceover generated in Reels?

Start by planning and analyzing the content that you’re supposed to post on the app. Content is the first and foremost part because without it there would be no audio or video to work with. Also, if you want your voiceover to sound more natural then you can go for a professional voiceover. Still, it's always better to go for voice generators like Listnr that will not only help you with different kinds, consistency, and accents of voice but will also provide their services over podcasts and other things too!

Why Text-to-Speech Feature?

There are a lot of ways to connect your brand with the targeted audience on Instagram but one of the most prominent and finest ways is by being relatable and making your content funny because believe it or not but users or people in general, dig content that they find funny and hence the same content goes viral for the same reasons.

The Text to Speech feature not only allows users to use a synthetic voice to read aloud any text they add rather than using their voice in the content but also provides that extra edge that is missing from the Instagram reels. The Voice effect feature, on the other side, can be utilized to alter the audio and voiceover on Instagram Reels giving it a funnier path.

The features come as the company’s latest step to give users more inventive options to explore while making Reels. You can now not only promote your brand and products but also have fun with them by adding funny voices and text to reels. Connecting with your target audience on Instagram is easier when using text-to-speech because it extinguishes the chances of miscommunication or misunderstandings and gives users a more immersive experience by providing a clear-cut picture of the brand.

Benefits of Using Text-to-Voice in Reels

Highlight Your Product’s Benefit on Instagram

The first impression is the most significant wherever you’re trying to sell your product. The decision to buy your product or not is made in decisions if users happen to stumble upon one of your product reels. What matters is how you introduce your product. Add text and voice to your content and voila! You have a new approach to selling your product.

Make Business Fun!

Every line of business has the potential to find humor in it and we know the difference between a business and a personal account so well. Try to blend your product in with the everyday lives of users which they’ll find relatable and enjoyable.

Makes Content Funny and Engaging

Adding quick-witted commentaries, posts, captions, and ideas on your wall will act as a magnet to attract your customers. If they enjoyed your content, they’ll come back. This will create familiarity between your brand and your customers and they’ll start identifying your products even if you don’t mention the name.


With Instagram Reels, you can construct relatable and engaging reels and tempt them to your accounts. While creating Reels, you can use Listnr's text-to-speech online features and use one of two voice options. This makes your content videos more relatable, reachable, and understandable.

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