5 Features That Every Text to Speech (TTS) Platform must have

Ananay Batra

Ananay Batra

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You need voiceovers for your videos and audio content of your blog articles. You need audio content to make your strategy more inclusive and engaging. These five guidelines will help you find the right text-to-speech platform for your needs and drive results.

Productivity today is an asset! We want to multi-task effectively to maximize our productivity. In times like these, when our attention spans are getting shorter, reading a complete article feels like a tedious task. Integrating Text-To-Speech has become an important part of content strategy to overcome this barrier and drive productivity.

The audio file generated from your text content can be used separately as a podcast, or you could embed it on the web page where you publish your article. Embedding a Text-To-Speech audio will allow your reader (or listener) to consume your content as a secondary activity, i.e., they can do something else while consuming your content. That can affect the session time of your audience, which is important when it comes to SEO.

At Listnr, we help you create high-quality text-to-speech audio and provide you with a vast library of accents and voices to choose from.

In this article, we share a few guidelines that you should keep in mind to find the best text-to-speech platform.

1. Realistic audio

Bots talking tonelessly or without voice modulation can be an engagement killer. Therefore, the generated audio needs to be in a crystal-clear voice that is realistic and modulates its tone as per the tone of the sentence it is reading out.

At Listnr, we have taken special care to create a realistic AI voiceover so that your listeners remain engaged throughout the text!

2. Variety of voices

Every written piece of content has a specific tone that easily stands out. You need to ensure that your voiceover matches the tone of the whole article. That is why your chosen text-to-speech platform needs to have a variety of voices to choose from, as different voices lend different tones and vibes to the content.

Listnr offers you a catalog of 570+ voices to choose from. You can choose the voice that you think best suits the tone of your article. We have the right voice for you, whether you are looking for a German male voice or a Gujarati female voice.

3. Voiceovers in different languages

A good text-to-speech platform would help you transcend locations and countries, thereby making your content relevant by eliminating the language barrier. For example, with voiceovers in different languages, you would be able to reach your target audience in Argentina, despite the content being written in English. That is one quality you must look for in a text-to-speech platform if you have a universal audience.

At Listnr, we leave you spoilt for choice by offering to translate content into 75+ different languages. So start spreading your word around the world today!

4. Voiceovers as well as embedded audio players

Among many, Text-To-Speech could be used for two purposes:

- To generate voiceovers for videos

- To generate audio of an article (or any other form of written content)

If your preferred platform provides both the mentioned services, you would have a reliable Text-To-Speech platform that serves all your purposes. Listnr gives you options to use synthesized speech as voiceovers for your videos or embed our audio player on your blog.

5. Easy to use and intuitive

You don’t want to be wasting a lot of time on a complex software that requires a lot of your energy and attention. Therefore, your preferred text-to-speech platform should have minimum steps and give you maximum output with minimum involvement from your end.

Here at Listnr, we have taken special care of this. In just three steps, you can have your audio file ready to export! Don’t spend weeks on what you can do in minutes. Learn more about Listnr’s features here.


A good Text-To-Speech tool is an asset you must leverage to make your content richer. It allows you to create a universal audience and is a great way to ensure that those who don’t want to read the whole article stay on your page and consume your content.

These were a few essential guidelines that you must follow while choosing your Text-To-Speech platform. Listnr is a holistic platform where we have covered all of these aspects to help you produce top-notch audio content and convert your text to an audio recording, which can be used as a voiceover or be embedded in your blog post for readers to listen to the article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the best free text to speech?

A. The best free text to speech platform would be one that takes very little time and effort to produce high-quality audio content. In addition, the tool must have the ability to produce realistic audio in multiple languages and tones, something which we have incorporated in Listnr.

Q. What is a text-to-speech reader?

A. A text-to-speech reader is a tool that reads out digital text in audio format. Such tools increase your audience’s session time on your blog page and help you eliminate the language barrier by producing audio in different languages. It can help you reach people who don’t understand the language in which the article is written. Listnr offers a catalog of 75+ different languages for you to choose from!

Q. How do I make text to speech read?

A. With Listnr, you can do it in just three simple steps:

- Step 1: Paste the text that you want to convert to audio

- Step 2: Our Speech Synthesis Engines will convert your text into High-Quality Speech and make it ready for distribution

- Step 3: Use the synthesized Speech as voice overs for your videos or embed our Audio Player on your blog.

You can learn more about it in detail here.

Q. Is Google TTS free?

A. Yes, Google TTS comes free of cost. The screen reader application is developed only for Android phones, though. If you want to create voiceovers or audio files of your text content, you can check out Listnr. Our text-to-speech platform helps you create realistic, crystal-clear audio in over 75 languages.


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